That's Too Much Cheese, yo.png

Conversation with my world travelling, brilliant boss woman, big sister after she sends me the photo above…

Me: That is too much cheese, yo.

Sissy: Why is airport cheese so weirdly bright orange?

Me: Ummm…more concerned that there are some turds in with your neon cheese. Don’t eat those, Sissy.

Sissy: Just laughed out loud and spit crackers on cute guy beside me.

Me: Please tell me it was the saltines. Those dry ass crackers really pfffoooootttt.

Sissy: I’m gonna start flinging the turds next.

Me: I fully support that decision. It’ll make for a great story to tell all his good lookin’ friends. You’ll be dubbed the airport turd flinger.

Sissy: I’m not gonna poop for a month after all this cheese. This may be why they give you extra turds.

Me: Weirdly now I have to poop. It’s the power of the turds.

Ain’t nobody better than a sister to make you laugh so much you have to poop. 


With high fives and cussing, and a tiny bit of turd flinging love to you this Easter,

Nicole xx


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